Hi All You Israelites!
It was fun to finish the Cold War today and move onto the creation of the modern state of Israel! This week we will look at the United Nations vote that solidified the Jewish State of Israel and learn about the war that immediately followed. This is a light assignment week! If you have make-up work to get in, please finish it up!

Here is the video for page 1

Here is the video for page 2

Here is the video for pages 3 and 4

Here are your quiz questions. THIS IS YOUR LAST QUIZ!!!!!!

1. What did RESOLUTION 181 propose?
2. What was the final vote tally? (for, against, abstain)
3. When was the nation of Israel officially established?
4. What new weapon helped the Jews win the 1948 war?
5. Who did the U.N. blame for the violence?

Have fun as we dive into our study of modern day Israel! 🙂 Mrs. G.