Hi All You Warriors!
Today we finished our Cold War Tiny Books and looked at the presidencies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt through Lyndon Johnson. We noted the major world events that happened during their tenures and also their economic policies. Next week we will complete Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. You will know a lot about Reagan after doing your homework! His story marks the end of the Cold War!

Here is the video for section 1:

Here is the video for section 2:

Here is the video for section 3:

This next video is a series of portions of seven of Reagan’s most famous speeches. I have included a question from each portion. Please write your answers after “The Wall” section on your homework paper and add another piece of paper if you need to. Stop the video between speeches to give yourself time to think and write! πŸ™‚

1. What was Reagan’s strategy for economic recovery?
2. What are three “great things” Reagan communicated?
3. What was the result of Reagan changing our nation for the better?
4. What key principal underlies American Government?
5. What is the clear cause and effect statement Reagan makes in this speech?
6. Name three ways Reagan says we can keep patriotism alive?
7. What does Reagan mean by the term “shining city”?

Here are your quiz questions:
1. What was the name of the package of entitlement programs FDR initiated?
2. What two wars occurred during Harry Truman’s presidency?
3. What was Dwight Eisenhower’s military title.
4. What was Eisenhower’s most famous job during WWII?
5. What national emergency occurred during John Kennedy’s presidency?
6. What was the name of the economic program Lyndon Johnson began?
7. What were the two famous “first visits” Nixon made?
8. What was Gorbachev’s final act as head of the Soviet Union?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!! If you have any make up work to get in, please get it to me ASAP as I am starting to get final report cards together! Mrs. G.