Hi All You Cold Warriors,
We are right in the thick of the tension filled Cold War with our study of the McCarthy Communist “hysteria” and the Cuban Missile Crisis! Your assignment this week is to finish the last three installments of the documentary Defcon 2 and complete your Tiny Book. Enjoy!

Here are the last three parts of the Defcon 2 documentary:

Here is your video for Part 9 in your Tiny Book:

We will hear the exciting end of the story of the Cold War when we study the Presidency of Ronald Reagan!

Here are your quiz questions:

1. Who became President January 20, 1969?
2. Who was Vice President?
3. What historic trip happened in 1972?
4. Why did Leonid Breznev invite Nixon to the Kremlin?
5. What overshadowed Nixon’s peace initiative?
6. What was the HELSINKI FINAL ACT?
7. Which Pope played a major role in the freeing of Poland?

Have a great week and I look forward to next time!!!! Mrs. G.