Hi All You Cold Warriors!!!
We plunged into the Cold War today with our look at the history of the policy of Containment. George Kennan began it all with his LONG TELEGRAM and then Harry Truman and George Marshall put words into practice with the Truman Doctrine support of Greece and Turkey and George Marshall’s Marshall Plan which sent funds to help rebuild the infrastructure of Western Europe.
I know you were devastated to miss your short in-class quiz because of Ian’s excellent report on his trip to communist Havana, Cuba. I will include the questions in this week’s quiz!

Here is your first video. I will be reading you the passages from A PATRIOT’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES in class.

Here is the video for part 5:

This video covers answers to questions on page 14:

Here is your video for part 8, pages 15-17:

Here is Truman’s speech establishing the Truman Doctrine. There will be one question on your quiz from this video.

Here are your quiz questions:

1. What was the COLD WAR?
2. Who first used the word IRON CURTAIN?
3. Why did Truman feel the Greeks needed aid? (3 reasons…more for extra credit)
4. What type of aircraft was used before 1960 to gain intelligence about Soviet weaponry?
5. Who was the pilot shot down over Russia May 1, 1960?
6. What did Kennedy make clear in his speech concerning Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba?
7. Who assassinated John Kennedy?

Have a great week and hang on as we plunge into the 21st century! Mrs. G.