Hi All You Warriors!
Congratulations! You have completed our study of World War II with in depth looks at both the European and Pacific Theater! Way to go! Now we move onto what happened next…decades of tension between Russia and the United States because of Russia’s refusal to allow eastern Block countries to have free elections as outlined at the YALTA CONFERENCE February 4-11, 1945.
Your assignment this week is to watch the following videos and complete pages one through nine in your COLD WAR Tiny Book.

The Potsdam Conference occurred in a suburb of Berlin after the war ended. It’s purpose was to hammer out post-war objectives.

This video records Churchill giving his famous speech in FULTON, MISSOURI. He brilliantly outlines what has just happened in Europe and what will be happening in the future. Two of your quiz questions will come from this video.

Here is information on George Kennan, Soviet Ambassador who outlined Cold War policy in his famous LONG TELEGRAM. There are two questions on this in your Tiny Book and also a quiz question.

I will cover the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan in class. Your next video covers the questions on page five starting with “What divisions in Germany had been decided on during the Potsdam Conference?”

This video will help you answer questions on pages 7-10.

Here are your quiz questions:
1. Name five reasons Hitler lost World War II.
2. What were the two major resolves of the Casablanca Conference?
3. What major concession by Churchill and Roosevelt concerning Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria set the stage for the Cold War?
4. What were the four divisions of Germany as a whole and the city of Berlin?
5. What did Churchill say had dropped across the nations of eastern Russia?
6. What did both Winston Churchill and George Kennan say the Soviets respected?
7. What was the Long Telegram?

Have a great week and I look forward to diving into the Cold War!!! Mrs. G.