Hi All You Russian Invaders!

We certainly had a busy day yesterday!  We finished our Winston Churchill speeches…BRAVO to all of you for EXCELLENT renditions! Then we completed our Tiny Books and Hitler timelines and went on to talk about Hitler’s massive offensive into Russia against three main cities: Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad.  We talked about HOW MANY similarities there were between Hitler’s effort and Napoleon’s effort to do THE SAME THING in 1812.  Both leaders lost most of their armies, most of their equipment and the war as well.  Hitler should have learned a little more history!

Your assignment this week is to complete your Pacific Venue Packet including the scavenger hunt at the beginning.  Here is the AMAZING video for number 36…actual footage of the Japanese surrendering to Douglas MacArthur aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay!  You will see many of the commanders we have talked about! Two of your quiz questions come from this video.

Your next four quiz questions come from this video.  Claus von Stauffenberg is also discussed in your reading.  He is a true hero…a man immersed in an immoral regime who was able to see the truth and take action.

Here are your quiz questions:

1. Where did the Japanese sign the surrender agreement for World WarII?

2. Where was the ship located?

3. Why did Claus von Stauffenberg join the Resistance?

4. What was the code name for vonStauffenberg’s attempt to kill Hitler?

5.Why did vonStauffenberg’s attempt fail?

Please read the LAST chapter in your Hitler book, SMASHING THE THIRD REICH and answer the following questions:



  1. What was Fortress Europe? (206)
  2. What was Roosevelt and Churchill’s Combined Bomber Offensive? (207)
  3. Describe Hamburg’s first man-made firestorm of July 24th and 25th. (209-210)
  4. Where did Hitler hide to avoid facing his people? (211)
  5. Who were the two military commanders at the Battle of El Alamein?  (213)
  6. Describe the battle and the outcome. (213-214)
  7. Describe the purpose of Operation Mincemeat and how it was carried out. (215-216)
  8. Was it easy for the Allies to take Italy?  WHY?  (216-217)
  9. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander of SHAEF?  What does SHAEF stand for? (217)

10.  What was SHAEF’S mission? (217)

11.  What was FUSAG, who commanded it and what was its purpose?  (219)

12.  Which beach was the toughest to take? (221)

13.  Why did Lt. Colonel von Stauffenberg have a change of heart about Hitler? (222-223)

14.  Describe von Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt? (224-225)

15.  How did Hitler take revenge on the plotters? (227)

16.  What was Operation Watch? (230)

17.  What famous battle ensued?  (231)

18.  Describe how the Allies liberated Dachau on April 29, 1945.  (236-237)

19.  What happened to Hitler and Eva Braun?  (238-2390

20.  What is the greatest lesson to be learned from Hitler’s life?  (241)

Here is a great account of the bombing of Nagasaki.  There will be three bonus quiz questions from this video!!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!  Mrs. G. 🙂