Hi All You Marines!
What an exciting day we had as we reviewed the US turn around in the South Pacific. We learned that taking back Japanese infested islands usually involved a naval barrage from the water, then landing of brave Marine troops to clear the enemy from the tropical jungles. We talked in detail today about the U.S. victory on the important island of Guadalcanal.
Your assignment this week is to read the chapter SLAVE EMPIRE in your HITLER book and also to finish parts seven through ten in your WWII Tiny Book. The videos are below. I will also include episode one of the Guadalcanal Documentary I told you about. If you are interested please watch all five episodes!

Here is the video for Part 7. It is Winston Churchill, the speech you memorized starts at about 2:45:

Here is the video for the Battle of Stalingrad, Part 8. It was part of Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa and it depleted his supply of men and equipment!

Here is the video for Part 9, Allies Win in Northern Africa. This will give you a taste of the beginning of the war in northern Africa and a few of your quiz questions will come from this video:

Here is the video for Part 10, The Allied Invasion of Normandy. Two of your quiz questions will come from this video!

Here is the first part of the Guadalcanal documentary I told you about! It is great if you have time to watch it!

Here are your comprehension questions:

Hitler 8 SLAVE EMPIRE pages 178-204

1. “Hitler’s plans for his empire were two-fold: first rule, then exploit.” (178) What was Hitler’s NIGHT AND FOG order which helped control his territories? (179)
2. What happened to Europe’s artistic treasures when they came under Hitler’s jurisdiction? (180)
3. How did the Nazis strengthen the Aryan race? (180-181)
4. How did Hitler fill his labor shortage? (181)
5. What does OSS and SOE stand for? (182)
6. How did they train their members? (182)
7. What were some of their activities? (182-183)
8. What did the SS and Gestapo do to avenge the death of Heydrich? (183-184)
9. How did Hitler’s method backfire? (184)
10. What was the WHITE ROSE resistance group? (186)
11. What information was the WHITE ROSE distributing and how did they get the word out? (186-187)
12. What happened to members of the WHITE ROSE resistance? (187)
13. What was the “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem”? (188)
14. What were the Nuremburg Laws on Citizenship and Race? (188-189, just summarize)
15. What triggered Crystal Night or the Night of Broken Glass? (189)
16. When did the Night of Broken Glass occur? (189)
17. What happened during the Night of Broken Glass? (189)
18. What did Hitler’s four Special Action Groups do? (191-192)
19. What were the locations of the seven death camps set up by Heydrich? (192-193)
20. Please watch a YOUTUBE video on any one of the above death camps and comment. This will not be a pleasant experience but you should know. Tell me the name of the video you watched.
21. Who was Dr. Joseph Mengele? (197)
22. Who was Oskar Schindler? (197-198)
23. What were a few reasons the Jews did not suspect Hitler wanted to annihilate them? (200)
24. What was the Jewish Combat Organization? (201)

Here are your quiz questions:
1. Where was the first big encounter between the US and the Germans in north Africa?
2. What was the nickname for the German Field Marshall Ernst Rommel?
3. What was Rommel’s key offensive weapon?
4. Who took over the American forces from Fredendahl?
5. When was the Allied invasion of Normandy?
6. Name four of the five beaches that were invaded?

Enjoy the week and I look forward to seeing you on March 22nd! Mrs. G. 🙂