Hi You Enablers,
Today we added an important three year period to our World War II timeline! We discussed the Non-Aggression Pact the Nazis and Soviets signed in August 23, 1939 which triggered the invasion of Poland and the entry of the European Allies into the war. We watched Hitler roll over Europe and finally the first American forces arrive in Great Britain on January 26, 1942.
In the South Pacific we reviewed General Douglas MacArthur’s exit from the Philippines and the Bataan Death March. So far there hasn’t been much good news for the Allies!
This week your assignment is to complete sections 4,5 and 6 in your Tiny Book. Then read the next chapter in your Hitler text entitled MARCH OF CONQUEST. Your videos are below!


1. In the 1930’s it was clear Hitler meant to expand his territory. Why didn’t the Allies fight during this time? (100)
2. What happened on March 7, 1936? Could the French have defeated Hitler at this point? (101)
3. What happened on March 11, 1938? How did Hitler take Austria without a battle? (102)
4. What was Hitler’s punishment of the Austrian Jews (who he blamed for ruining his artistic career)? (102)
5. Who attended the conference in September of 1938 that would decide the fate of the Sudentenland portion of Czechoslovakia? (105)
6. What happened on March 15, 1939? (105)
7. What was Britain and France’s promise if Hitler should attack Poland? (105)
8. As a result of the August 23, 1939 Nazi/Soviet Pact which we read about in our Stalin book, what two things happened on September 1, 1939? BOTH ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! (106-107)
9. Describe the war technique the Germans invented to prevent the “bogged down” trench style warfare of WWI. (107)
10. Describe a panzer division in detail. (109)
11. What was the Weapons SS? (111)
12. Give three examples of training techniques the Weapons SS had to endure. (111-112)
13. What was the Phony War? (114)
14. What was France’s Maginot Line? (114-115)
15. What happened on April 9, 1940? (115-116)
16. How did the Germans take Fort Eben Emael on May 10, 1940? (116-118)
17. What happened on May 14, 1940? (118)
18. Give a few details about the type of soldier the Hitler Youth Program produced?
19. How did the Germans keep the pressure on the French to give up? (119)

Here are your quiz questions:
1. Name three terms that were part of France’s surrender to Hitler. (more for extra credit)
2. What was the name of the operation that evacuated British soldiers from France.
3. Who attended the conference in 1938 that gave the Sudentenland to Hitler?
4. What was France’s Maginot Line?
5. Give a few details about the type of soldier the Hitler Youth Program produced.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK and I look forward to seeing you next time!!! 🙂 Mrs. G.