Hi Crazy Psychos!
I don’t think I will forget your clever sentence to remember Hitler’s conquest of Europe! Austria, Sudentenland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Norway and France will never escape me!
Today we learned about the final stages of Hitler’s rise to power. The Enabling Act, passed with the help of Storm Troopers threatening the lives of those who would dare vote against it, gave Hitler complete control over the government and military!
We also learned about the beloved aircraft carriers of World War II. Without our carriers and the brave men who manned the boats and piloted the planes that flew off them, we would be speaking Japanese.
Next week your assignment is to do numbers 7 through 10 in your Pacific Theater packet. As you answer the questions, keep checking your scavenger hunt pages to see if you can fill in more blanks. The videos are below. You will begin chapter 3, Land Without Justice, in your Hitler book. I bet you will see similarities to what you learned about life under Stalin! I guess if you see one totalitarian dictator you’ve seen them all!
Here are your quiz questions:
1. Name (in order) the countries (regions) Hitler conquered.
2. What silly sentence did we make up to remember this?
3. What happens in countries where lawlessness prevails?
4. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, who was the new Commander in Chief of the US forces in the Pacific?
5. What key innovation changed the role of warships in war combat?
6. What were the three types of planes that flew off carriers?

Here are your videos:

Here are your comprehension questions:


1. What is the goal of a totalitarian dictator? (65)
2. Name some freedoms which were lost by the end of 1933. (66)
3. What was the consequence of refusing to participate in the NAZI LEAGUE SYSTEM? (66)
4. How did Hitler restrict travel within Germany? (66)
5. Why didn’t workers mind being part of the Nazi Labor Front? (67)
6. What sort of jobs revitalized the German economy? (67-68)
7. What was the STRENGTH THROUGH JOY group? (68)
8. Name four characteristics of Heinrich Himmler? What was his job? (69)
9. The backbone of the Third Reich was the security police. Who headed it? (71)
10. Name some of the jobs of the Gestapo and how they were carried out. (71-73)
11. Summarize how Gestapo punishment work? (73-74)
12. Who were the DEATH’S HEAD SS? (74)
13. What were the four largest concentration camps? (75)
14. Summarize conditions in the concentration camps. (75-77)
15. What was the name of the women’s concentration camp? (78)
16. Who was Hitler’s propaganda advisor? Describe him? (79-80)
17. What event in May 1933 destroyed “unGerman literature”? (82-83)
18. How did Goebbels “use” the German press? (83)
19. Name two slogans the Germans popularized? (83)
20. The sale of what two items made Hitler a millionaire? (84)
21. What was a radio criminal? (84)
22. How did Goebbels REICH CULTURE CHAMBER control art and film? (84-85)
23. Describe Hitler’s “he” paranoia. (86-87)
24. What were some of Hitler’s weird obsessions? (87)

Enjoy the week and I look forward to seeing you next time! Mrs. G. 🙂