Hi All You Ford Islanders!
First off…congratulations to Dalton, Andy, Shelby and Annalee for their great job on Winston Churchill’s famous Battle of Britain speech! WAY TO GO!
Today we looked at Germany during Hitler’s early years and talked about the Beer Hall Battle and the Beer Hall Putsch which resulted in Hitler’s trial and stay in Landesburg prison. As we all know, that is where he wrote the dreaded Mein Kampf. My advice…stay out of Beer Halls!
In the Pacific Venue we finished our story of Pearl Harbor and then saw footage of the actual attack!!! Not pretty! We have a ways to go but our brave American soldiers make a happy ending to this story.
For this week, please do the next two sections in your Tiny Book: Hitler Takes Over Europe and A Visual Look at World War II. The videos appear below. Then finish reading Path to Power and answer the comprehension questions.
Here are your quiz questions: PLEASE BRING 10 NEW 5×8 CARDS. I WILL HAVE THE RINGS!!!!!! 🙂
1. Name three islands that were attacked during the same 24 hour period as Pearl Harbor.
2. What ships were NOT at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked?
3. Who was in charge of Hitler’s Storm Troopers?
4. What crisis did Hitler create to stampede voters into supporting a dictatorship?
5. Why were the first concentration camps built?
6. What was the name of the first concentration camp?

Here are your videos: The first one is accurate for our purposes!!!!

Blue=Axis Powers Light Blue=occupied by Axis

Here are your questions for the second part of Path to Power:

1. When Hitler was released from prison Germany had stabilized and the Nazi Party was banned. Name five ways Hitler improved the Nazi Party during the next five years. (52-53)
2. What was the result of the Nazi Party’s first attempt to win a majority of the seats in the Reichstag? (53)
3. What major world event completely turned around Hitler’s chances of rising to power? (54) How did this world event allow the Nazi Party to gain popularity? (54)
4. What was the theme (Big Lie) of every rally Hitler had to gain support in the Reichstag? (55)
5. During 1929-1932 there were major street battles between what two groups? (56)
6. Who was in charge of Hitler’s storm troopers? (56)
7. In the Reichstag elections of 1932, the Nazi Party’s results of over 200 seats showed they were the largest political party in Germany. What monumental move did Paul von Hindenburg make in 1933 which changed the course of history? (58)
8. At this point Hitler wanted absolute power but he needed to gain more seats in the Reichstag. What crisis did he create to stampede voters into supporting a dictatorship? (59)
9. Even after Hitler blamed the Communists for the burning of the Reichstag, 56% of German voters still backed non-Nazi parties. What law did Hitler pass to gain complete control (60)?
10. What terms of the law gave Hitler complete control? (60)
11. What tactics did he use to make sure the bill was passed? (60)
12. What were Hitler’s next five steps to control Germany? (60)
13. What happened to Communist Party members? (60) Why didn’t new parties emerge? (60)
14. Why were the first “concentration camps built? (61) What was the name of the first concentration camp? (61)
15. A conflict arose between the power of the storm troopers and Germany’s army. How did he show the Germany military his “good faith”? (61-62) How many people were assassinated? (62)
16. After Hindenburg died, how did Hitler’s power become absolute? (64)

Have a great week! Please bring your Pacific Packet and your Hitler timeline to class next week!!!! Mrs. G.