Hi All You Dictators,
We got a great start studying World War II today! We reviewed Hitler’s early life then looked forward at his first moves as dictator by creating our timelines! Next we “dove” into the Pacific Venue of the war by starting the story of Pearl Harbor!
Your assignments this week are to fill out numbers 1 through 6 in your Pacific Venue Packet. Here is the website where you will find your South Pacific map. I have assigned questions which you will answer but don’t stop there if you are interested! There are lots of wonderful activities for each site and if you do extra activities let me know….I’d love to give you extra credit for going above and beyond!


Your reading assignment this week is the first half of the Path to Power chapter, pages 33-52. You will learn about Hitler’s activities up until the famous Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

Please answer the following questions about Hitler’s early political activity!

1. What was the state of Germany after WWI? (32)
2. What did the Allied terms of surrender require the Germans to do with their war equipment? (top 34)
3. How was the Weimar Rebublic formed and what were the key jobs? (34)
4. Why were the early days of the Weimar Republic stormy? (34)
5. Who were the Free Corpsmen and why did they hate the Weimar Republic as much as the rebels they killed? (35)
6. What did Hitler discover about himself when he joined the German Worker’s Party? (37-38)
7. What symbol did Hitler adopt and what did it stand for? (39)
8. What new name did Hitler give his party and what did it stand for? (39)
9. What was Hitler’s BIG LIE philosophy? (40)
10. Describe some of the things Hitler did in his speeches to excite the emotions of the crowd? (40)
11. Describe what happened in Germany as a result of inflation? (3 major things) (41)
12. Who did Hitler blame? (42)
13. Who was Rudolf Hess? (43)
14. Who was Herman Goering? (43)
15. Who were the Storm Troopers? (43)
16. Describe the Beer Hall Battle? (43-44)
17. What happened November 8, 1923? Was Hitler successful? (45-46)
18. How was Hitler’s trial a benefit to him? (49)
19. What did Hitler write while in Landesburg prison? (51)
20. What are some of the themes of Mein Kampf? (51)
21. What is lebensraum? (51)

1. What does Niitaka Yama Nabore mean? What did this message signal?
2. Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
3. Who said “This is a day which will live in infamy”?
4. What did Hitler write while in Landesburg prison?
5. What are three themes in this book?
6. What is lebensraum?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! We have a great start on world War II!!! Mrs. G.