Hi All You Totalitarians!
What a fantastic job you did on your final Stalin homework assignment. I thought last week was the most challenging reading to date and everyone seemed to handle it beautifully! WELL DONE!
You have already had an introduction to our newest amoral tyrant but you will meet him officially in the prologue and chapter one of your Hitler book. Your quiz questions are a blend of information from your homework and the video!
1. What did Hitler do from ages 19-24?
2. Why were the Jews considered dangerous?
3. What thing did Hitler personally blame the Jews for?
4. What was Hitler’s reaction to the beginning of WWI?
5. What happened on January 30, 1933?
6. Who headed up Hitler’s propaganda campaign?

Please read the prologue and chapter one of your Hitler book and answer the following questions!


1. How long was the reign of Hitler? (5)
2. Describe how Hitler’s power influenced the personal lives of Germans. (6)
YOUNG ADOLF pages 7-31

1. When and where was Hitler born? (7)
2. Describe Hitler’s mother and father and Adolf’s relationship with them. (7-9)
3. What interests did Hitler develop when he lived in Linz? (12)
4. Who was August Kubizek? What did Kubizek observe about Adolph’s personality? (6-7)
5. How did Adolph feel about work? (14)
6. After Hitler failed his entrance exams to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he became immersed in reading Anti-Semitic literature. According to the literature, how were the races “arranged”?
7. Why were Jews considered particularly dangerous? (19)
8. How did Hitler’s anti-Semitism help him justify his failure? (20)
9. What did Hitler do from ages nineteen to twenty four? (21)
10. What life philosophy did Hitler develop during his years on the streets of Vienna? (22)
11. Why did Hitler move from Vienna, Austria to Munich, Germany? (23)
12. What was Hitler’s reaction to the beginning of WWI? (23)
13. Name one event that demonstrated Hitler’s uncanny ability to avoid danger? (26)
14. What happened in October 1914 that pulled Hitler off the battlefield until the end of the war? (29)
15. What was his reaction to the end of the war? (30)

Please watch the following video to see visuals of what Hitler’s rise to power looked like! Answer the questions in Part I of your Tiny Book and bring it back in to class. Enjoy!

Have a great week and I’ll see you in FEBRUARY!!!! Mrs. G.