Hi All You Revolutionaries,
What an amazing journey we took today as we watched Czar Nicholas lose Russia, Lenin gain power and Stalin finally take over! Your quiz questions come from your worksheets called STEPPING STONES TO POWER and the following two videos. The videos will give you more interesting details about Nicholas’ final years, the Romanov family, Rasputin and Lenin.

1. What major event happened on February 23, 1917?
2. What two people did Nicholas try to give power to before he relinquished control of the monarchy? (video)
3. Who provided the rail car, protection and money for Lenin to travel to Russia?
4. Who was Alexander Kerensky?
5. What were the two sides in the Russian Civil War? (give each name and who
was involved)
6.What does NEP mean and who instituted this plan?
7. How did Stalin learn about the inner workings of the Communist Party?

Please start chapter 3 WORKERS’ PARADISE pages 75-95. As you read, please think about why the title WORKERS’ PARADISE is ironic!

1. In the first paragraph of this chapter we learn how the Bolsheviks thought communism was the way to true human happiness. What philosophy that we studied in worldview does this remind you of?
2. Who was the “New Soviet Man”?(75)
3. Because ordinary people could not, on their own, become “New Soviet Men”, what was needed? (75)
4. What is the goal of a totalitarian dictator? (75)
5. What happened to the other political parties in Russia? (76)
6. List four rights of Stalin’s new secret police, the NKVD. (77)
7. List some of the details of the Family Law of April 1935. (77)
8. Name four ways Stalin tried to extinguish religion in Russia. (78-82)
9. One of Stalin’s greatest accomplishments was increasing literacy in Russia. What was his purpose in doing this? (84)
10. How did Stalin control every form of information in Russia? (84-85) How did Stalin use unions to control information?
What was the job of the Soviet journalist? (85)
11. What was the purpose of art in the Soviet Union? (86)
12. Pages 86-89 discusses how Stalin was deified by his propaganda “machine”. Name something you will remember from this section.
13. What were three of Stalin’s fears? (89-90)
14. What type of a father was Stalin? Give some specific details. (92-95)

It was great to see everyone today!!! Have a great week as we jump back into our exploration of Russian history! 🙂

Mrs. G.