Merry Christmas!

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Hi All You History Explorers!
First of all, God bless each of you and your families this Christmas! Have a wonderful, safe break!
Your homework over the break is to watch three videos! Your quiz questions will come directly from the videos. Enjoy the life of Peter the Great!

1. Why did Peter feel he needed a navy? (video 1)
2. Name three things Peter learned while he was in Europe? (video 2)
3. Who was Charles XII? (video 2)
4. What city did Peter build? (video 3)
5. Name three innovations that occurred during Peter’s reign? (video 3)

HAVE FUN!!!!!! Mrs. G.


Joey Djugashvili

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Hi All You Georgians!
Today we looked at Stalin’s early life and also talked about Russia’s TWO revolutions: the people’s revolution starting formally in 1905 with Bloody Sunday (you will read about this in your book this week and see a video), and the Russian Civil War which started in 1917 and pitted Lenin’s Red Army (the Communists) against the White Army (democracy lovers and Allies). Lots happened during this time in Russia and I think it helps to think about it in these two segments.
We also reviewed the history of the czars in Russia and added a new piece of information…the start of the Romanov Dynasty under Michael Romanov. He created the serf system by legislating the peasants belonged to the land they worked on. NOT GOOD!

Here are your quiz questions for this week:
1. Where in Russia was Stalin born?
2. What was Stalin’s given name?
3. What was the Okhrana and who created it?
4. What two books by Karl Marx did Stalin read while at Tiflis Theological Seminary?

Please finish Chapter 1, THE REBEL, pages 19 to 41. Answer the following questions so you have a clear understanding of Soso’s life from the time he left seminary until the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and his final release from Siberian exile.
1. After Stalin was expelled from Tiflis Theological Seminary he joined the Russian Social Democratic Party and began to live underground as an outlaw. Why did he welcome violence and consider it “educational” for the people (21)?
2. How did Stalin’s goal for the revolution differ from the typical Social Democratic Party member’s goal (21)?
3. What was Soso’s strategy to keep from getting hurt in demonstrations?
4. How many times was Stalin banished to Siberia (24)?
5. What event in Stalin’s life prompted him to change his name (26)?
6. Who was Lenin (original name, family background)?
7. What prompted Lenin to become a revolutionary (27)?
8. What constant habit was Lenin known for (27)?
9. Compare Stalin’s speaking skills to Lenin’s speaking skills (27).
10. What was Lenin’s motive for revolution (27)?
11. What were Lenin’s key accomplishments (28)?
12. What was Lenin’s opinion of ordinary people (28)?
13. What was a revolutionary “cell” (29)?
14. What was Lenin’s definition of democracy (29)?
15. What was his definition of dictatorship (29)?
16. Who were the Bolsheviks (29)?
17. Who were the Mensheviks (29-30)?
18. What was the Russo-Japanese War of 1904….what was the net effect for Tsar Nicholas II?
19. Who was Father Georgi Gapon and what was his plan (31)?
20. What happened on Sunday, January 9, 1905(32)?
21. Who was the head of the St. Petersburg Soviet that organized resistance to the tsar after BLOODY SUNDAY.
22. What was Nicholas’ response to the 1905 revolution (34)?
23. Why was Stalin finally freed from Siberia for the last time (41)?

Here is a simple video to help you understand BLOODY SUNDAY:

Enjoy this video of the continuing history of the czars! You will see what happened after IVAN THE TERRIBLE, the beginning of the ROMANOV DYNASTY and SERFDOM and the start of the story of PETER THE GREAT!!!

Have a great week! Next week is our last class before the Christmas break!!!! Mrs. G.