Hi All You Czars!
Today we finished World War I with our discussion of the Treaty of Versailles (DON’T FORGET THOSE POINTS!) and we took a wild ride through the early history of Russia. We talked about the Viking rulers, the Mongol Hordes, the early Czars through IVAN THE TERRIBLE and finished up with the Romanov dynasty. We will review these things again next week. Thank you Dylan for bringing in the pictures and objects from Russia and talking to us! Here are your quiz questions:
1. Name a fact you learned about the size of Russia.
2. Which Czar decreed peasants could not move from farm to farm?
3. Name a good thing IVAN THE TERRIBLE did during his “good phase”.
4. What did IVAN THE TERRIBLE do that prevented his legacy from continuing?

Please read pages 6-19, the first part of the chapter entitled THE REBEL and answer the following questions:

Read page 6- page 19
Welcome to the world of Stalin. We begin to learn about his early life.
1. (6) What was the “blood feud” or “vendetta” that characterized the Georgian people? How did this influence Stalin?
2. Name four physical characteristics of Stalin.
3. Name five character qualities Stalin developed as a child (9-10).
4. Describe details of Stalin’s experience at the Tiflis Theological Seminary (11).
5. Would you describe the Russian people as homogeneous or heterogeneous. Why (11-12)?
6. What was the hypocrisy of the power of the tsars (12)?
7. About the time Stalin was born there was an industrial revolution in Russia. What was the result for the typical worker? Give specific details (14).
8. When did the first revolutionary groups become organized in Russia(15)?
9. What was the Okhrana? Under which tsar did it develop (16)?
10. What were the two forms of Siberian exile (16)?
11. What two books did Soso enjoy reading while in seminary (17)?
12. What were the two extremes of socialism in Germany (17)?
13. According to Marx’s brand of socialism called Communism who were the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in the continuing social war (18)?
14. What was Stalin’s belief about God (19)?

Please watch the following video which covers Stalin’s early life:

Here is a WONDERFUL video about the history of Russia! Keep going in the series if you want to learn more!

Have a great week! Mrs. G.