Hi All You World War I Finishers,
What a journey we have had from an assassination in Sarajevo, Bosnia all the way to the Meuse/Argonne Forest. Our class today covered the two big offenses which ended World War I: the St. Mihiel Offensive and the Meuse/Argonne Offensive. We met many courageous men, a number of whom will play key rolls in World War II!
Here are your quiz questions:
1. What was the Hindenburg Line?
2. What was George Patton’s job in World War I?
3. What was Douglas MacArthur’s job in World War I?
4. Who was Cher Ami?
5. Why was Eddie Rickenbacker awarded the medal of honor? (answer in the video below)

We covered the answer to the first four questions in class today. If you are unsure of an answer please check the last chapter of your book!

Your homework assignment is to finish your WWI Tiny Book by looking at the video that follows. The second video has the answer to quiz question five. Video three is the movie version of Alvin York’s heroic capture of hundreds of Germans and video four is my favorite…Snoopy and the Red Baron! If you want to know about the REAL Red baron, read chapter six ACES HIGH in your book!

Use this video to finish your Tiny Book!

This video will give you the answer to question five!

Enjoy this Hollywood version of Alvin York:

And finally: Snoopy and the Red Baron!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Mrs. G.