Hi All You Convoy Lovers!
It was fun playing our giant “World War I facts” game yesterday!!! I always have plenty of questions stockpiled so maybe we can do it again soon! Here are your quiz questions for next week:

1.Name three reasons the U.S. was unprepared for war.
2.Why was Pershing’s nickname “Black Jack”?
3. What invention made the “splinter fleet” effective?
4. Despite the destroyers and the splinter fleet, the U.S. was still losing far too many ships to German U-boats. What brilliant idea did Admiral Sims come up with to stop the destruction?

We are now to the point in our study of World War I where American troops will engage with the dreaded Central Powers! It is essential you know some of the facts of these battles because they demonstrate the amazing bravery and sacrifice of a whole generation of American boys and men. Please read TRIAL BY FIRE in your book and answer the following questions.

Trial by Fire
Chapter 4

1. Describe Erich Ludendorff’s physical appearance and personality. What army was he responsible for? (94)
2. What BAD news did Ludendorff know about the Doughboys (bad for Germany)? 94
3. What had recently happened in Russia that was GOOD news for Ludendorff? 94-95
4. Ludendorff had two choices of ways to use his “new found” soldiers. What were his choices? What did he decide to do? (96)
5. Name six ways the German’s kept their build-up secret? (98)
6. Describe the heaviest bombardment in the history of the world. Give a list of at least five details. (100-101)
7. Who was in charge and how did he manage to hold onto Amiens? (101)
8. General Pershing wanted to be in charge of the counterattack against the Germans. What problem arose? (104)
9. What was the first town Pershing took? (106)
10. The Germans were in range to take Paris after breaking through at Chemin des Dames on May 27, 1918 (107) The Americans held them at Chateau Thierry. How did they hold the vital bridge? (108-109)
11. Why was Belleau Wood such a valuable sight for the Germans? (110)
12. What is a brigade? (110)
13. What was the name given to the fifth and sixth regiments of the US Marine Corp? (110) Give a few details of their training on Parris Island. (111)
14. Why wouldn’t the Leathernecks dig trenches? (112)
15. What trick did the Germans use to get machinery into position? (116)
16. As the Marines advanced through the wheat field to take Belleau Wood, what brave act did Sergeant Dan Daly do? (118)
17. What was the worst day in Marine history and why? (120)
18. Victories at what three towns showed the Germans that the Americans could win? (125)

Enjoy the following video about the Battle of Belleau Wood done by a history student probably around your age!


Have a great week and I look forward to talking with you about some of the greatest battles in history next week!
Mrs. G.