Hi All You Election People!
We certainly hope today will be a historic day in United States voting history! I voted at ten o’clock and my usually sleepy little voting spot was PACKED!
Your quiz next week will come from information you learned about “Black Jack” Pershing from your book and the video from last week. Your video this week will give you dramatic real life footage of America’s entry into the war!

Quiz questions:
1. Name three war experiences Pershing had before World War I.
2. What was the first completely America victory of World War I? (you can find this answer 17 minutes into to video)
3. What was the largest offensive American troops had ever participated in? (listen 20 minutes into the video)
4. Draw the front and side view of the trench on page 81 in your book. You will get one point for each correctly named item. (17 possible points)

Please read chapter three, LAFAYETTE, WE ARE HERE and answer the following questions:


1. Why did Pershing march to the tomb of Lafayette when he arrived in Paris? (64-65)
2. Describe the morale of French and British troops in 1917 and give two reasons why. (67-68)
3. What problem did the SOS solve? What does SOS stand for? (69)
4. What was the Doughboys’ first stop when they arrived in France? Why was this stage necessary?(70)
5. Who were the Blue Devils? How did they help the Doughboys? (74-75)
6. How did the Doughboys surprise the attacking German Storm troopers November 2, 1917? (76-77)
7. Name the four most interesting items (to you) a Doughboy would carry in his HEAVY backpack. (78)
8. Copy the picture of the trench (top view) on your paper. You will be asked to draw a trench on your quiz including each of the parts.
9. What was “no man’s land”? (82)
10. Describe life in a trench. (82-83) Extra credit possible here.
11. What two creatures did the Dough boys share life with in the trench? (84)
12. Describe an artillery attack. (86) Extra credit potential.
13. Why did soldiers ignore gas attacks initially? (89)
14. How did gas harm the body? (89-90)
15. What does “over the top” mean? (90-91)
16. What modern medicines were not available in WWI (92-93)?

Enjoy this video about America’s entry into the war!

Please watch this video and fill out pages 8-10 in your Tiny Book!

I have prepared your report cards and will distribute them next week. We WILL have our game!!! Have a good week and as always, don’t hesitate to e-mail if you have questions!
Mrs. G.