Hi All You Kaisers!
Now we are really getting into the meat of World War I! Failed battle plans which did not account for machine guns and better artillery caused the wicked stalemate that happened after the Germans did not take Paris in September 1914. Innovations such as poison gas, better big guns and explosives and the tank were efforts to break the stalemate. As we saw, Winston Churchill’s idea of taking the Dardanelles did not help and resulted in the loss of a quarter of a million men including almost the entire ANZAC division!!!!!!! Things are looking grim!
Because we will not meet next week, quiz 10 will be a combination of information from this week and next week. The questions will be up on the website next Tuesday! Your assignment this week is to read Chapter 2, CROSSING THE BIG POND then watch the three videos. Have a wonderful week and let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a great election turn-out!!!!


1. Name four reasons the U.S. was unprepared for war. (34-35)
2. What two war experiences had Pershing had before being asked to head up the American Expeditionary Forces? (35)
3. Why was Pershing’s nickname “Black Jack”? (35)
4. What personal tragedy did Pershing experience? (36)
5. What was the Selective Service Act? (37)
6. What does the expression “your number’s up” mean? (37)
7. How many training camps did the U.S. have to prepare men for war? (39)
8. Name three stops every recruit made in their first day at training camp. (40)
9. Why was it difficult for men to learn combat skills? (42)
10. What secret was the British Admiralty keeping from her own people and the Allies? (44-45)
11. What was Sim’s solution to this problem? (45)
12. Describe the important job of the destroyers and how the boat was designed to handle that job! (46-48) Definite extra credit potential on this problem!
13. What invention by American scientists made the “splinter fleet” effective? (55)
14. Despite the destroyers and the splinter fleet, the US were still losing far too many ships to the German U-boats. What brilliant idea did Admiral Sims come up with to stop the destruction? (57)
15. Name two ways ocean liners were converted to transport American soldiers across the “big pond” or Atlantic Ocean. (59)
16. Name three precautions the ships took to make it across the Atlantic safely. (59-60)

Enjoy these fall days and I look forward to seeing you November 9th. I will have your first trimester report cards ready! I am proud of your hard work!
Mrs. G.