Hi All You Kaisers,
We have made a good start on World War I. Wasn’t it a fortunate thing that Paris wasn’t taken in the first week of the war? But the failure of both the Schlieffen Plan and Plan XVII meant trench warfare began and that was not a good thing!
Here are this week’s quiz questions:
1. Who was the head of Belgium in World War I?
2. What was the name of the fortress city in Belgium the Germans had to penetrate to get to France?
3. What was the name of the German battle plan?
4. What was the name of the 420mm siege howitzer used by the Germans?
5. What was the name of the French battle plan?
6. Who was in charge of the French army?

Please read chapter 1 in The Yanks Are Comingand answer the following questions. Then watch the video about Germany’s advance into Belgium!


1. What made World War I different from previous wars? (9)
2. Describe Germany’s ruler. (10)
3. What action started World War I? (12)
4. How did the Germans feel about their neutrality agreement with Belgium? (12-13)
5. Where did the trench lines extend from and to? (13)
6. While America was neutral at the beginning of the war, what did we still do? (15, top)
7. What were three big contingencies of Britain’s naval blockade around Germany (do a thorough answer) (15)
8. What did Germany build as a response to the blockade? (16)
9. What did the Lusitania carry which was not revealed to her passengers? (17)
10. What personal situation made Woodrow Wilson opposed to war? (18)
11. When Wilson was elected for a second term, what was his campaign slogan? (20)
12. What was the job of the German Embassy in the US? (20)
13. Name two ways the spies were kept in check? (22)
14. Describe Anton Degler’s nefarious project. (22-23)
15. Describe what Dr. Walter Steele made and how he used these items. (23-24)
16. What happened to the shells which had been dampened in battle? (24)
17. What was Robert Fay’s wicked job? (24)
18. Describe the act of sabotage which occurred on July 30, 1916. (24-25)
19. Why did the Germans reinstate unrestricted submarine warfare? (26)
20. What was the Zimmerman Telegram? (28)

Have a great week! Mrs. G.