Hi You Serbians!
Here we go on a crazy ride through World War 1!!! Today we learned about the two competing “teams” and the spark in Sarajevo which started the huge conflict!

1. Who were the Allies in World War I? (Name the countries and acronym we are using to remember these)
2. Who were the Central Powers in World War I? (Name the countries and acronym)
3. What was the name of the Serbian terrorist group who opposed Austria Hungary?
4. Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie?

Your homework is to read the Prelude to your new book, The Yanks Are Coming. Please answer the following questions, then view the next three YOUTUBE videos. Complete Part 2 of your Tiny Book using the first video, then enjoy the drama of the sinking of the Lusitania and the Black Hand terrorist group!


Prelude: The Passing of a Sea Queen pages 3-8
Please print these questions and answer in complete sentences. The page number where the answer can be found is in parentheses after the question.
1. Describe the Lusitania in detail. (3)
2. Where was the Lusitania coming FROM and where was it going TO? (3)
3. How many Americans were aboard? (3)
4. What is an UNTERSEEBOOT? (4)
5. Who was Walter Schweiger and what was the purpose of his patrol in the Atlantic Ocean? (4)
6. Describe the torpedos the the U-20 carried. (5)
7. What did the torpedo hit in the Lusitania that caused the ship to explode? (6)
8. Why could only a few people get into lifeboats? (6-7)
9. How long did it take the Lusitania to sink? (8)
10. How many Americans were lost? (8)

EXTRA CREDIT: Search on the Internet to find the names of some famous Americans who were killed on the Lusitania!

Have a great week! Mrs. G