Hi You Livingstonians!
What a trip we had today from the European takeover of Africa to Prussian Otto von Bismarck’s unification of Germany! Your quiz questions come from these major world developments!

1. Name four countries that competed for control of Africa.
2. Who were the Boers?
3. Which two countries fought the Boer Wars? Who won?
4. Name the three wars Otto von Bismarck created to eventually unify Germany.

Right after you do this quiz I will give you a blank map of Europe. Fill in at least 45 countries and you get an A!!! Extra countries are extra credit!

Your home work this week is to finish Bully For You Teddy Rooseveltand answer the following questions. I feel sad we will be leaving Teddy but we must move on to World War I!

Bully For You, Teddy Roosevelt Chapter 7 Questions

1. Name four pets that shared the White House with Teddy Roosevelt’s family. (98)
2. Describe two fitness activities that Teddy engaged in when he was president? (100-103)
3. How did “Teddy Bears” come about? (104)
4. What was Teddy’s philosophy regarding the role government should play? (104-105)
5. What was the Sherman Antitrust Act? (105)
6. What was the Bureau of Corporations? (105)
7. What was Teddy’s favorite project? (106) Who had begun the project originally? (106)
8. Panama was a colony of which country when the canal question came up? (106)
9. How did Teddy support the Panamanian revolution? (107)
10. What two factions existed within the Republican party at the time of Teddy’s re-election? (108)
11. In what conflict did Teddy serve as peace negotiator in 1905? What prize did he receive for his work? (110)
12. Why didn’t Teddy run for a third term as President even though he was enormously popular? (112)
13. What did Teddy and his son Kermit do after Teddy left office? (114)


1. In 1912 Teddy formed a new party because he felt Taft was not following the policies he endorsed. What was the name of his new party? (116)
2. What happened to Teddy when he searched for the source of the River of Doubt in Brazil? (117)
3. What happened to Quentin in 1918? (118)
4. How old was Teddy when he died? (118)

As a start to world War I please complete section 1 of your new TINY BOOK using the video. Don’t forget, you can always pause or go back if you are unsure of an answer! Bring your booklet to class and I will check it when you are doing your map quiz!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK and feel free to e-mail me if you have questions!! Mrs. G.