Hi All You Progressive Investigators!

Great job today as we finished up the kings of the industrial revolution in America (Carnegie, Rockefeller and JP Morgan) and reviewed chapter four in Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt.. Hopefully you are getting the picture of Roosevelt as an enthusiastic, America loving guy who unfortunately did not understand that business is GOOD not BAD for our country. Your quiz questions come from our look at Teddy as a Progressive!

1. Define Progressivism.
2. What do we mean by the notion of wealth being a “zero sum” quantity? Is this a true theory?
3. Why was it inappropriate for Teddy to get involved with the Pennsylvania coal strike?
4. Who is the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran? (spelling counts).
5. EXTRA CREDIT!!!! One point for each of the main ideas you learned in the youtube videos below!!!! 10 points extra maximum!!!!

Next week Morgan, Dalton, and Dylan and Micah are ON DECK to do their preamble to the Declaration of Independence! Luke, please be prepared for October 12th.

This week’s homework is to fill out your Europe map with at least 45 countries. I will check them in class and hand them back so you will have them for your map quiz on October 12th.
The second part of your homework is to answer the following questions on chapters 5 and 6. Enjoy! You are doing a fantastic job on your homework and many students are very close to being the highest scorers.



1. What was the name the newspapers came up with for Teddy’s regiment? (69)
2. Name three places these men came from. (69)
3. Was Commodore Dewey successful in his effort to take back the Philippines from Spain? (70)
4. Name four setbacks Teddy and his men experienced en route to Cuba. (70-71)
5. What threat did the Americans face if the fighting went on too long? (73, top)
6. Explain Teddy’s leadership style in battle. (75)
7. What was the first hill the Rough Riders took? (76)
8. What post did Teddy get elected to after the war? (82)


1. Senator Platt and Teddy differed in opinion on Teddy’s idea to tax corporations. Who won? (85)
2. What motivated Senator Platt to want Teddy to run as VP beside McKinley? (87)
3. What happened on November 6, 1900? (89)
4. Where and how was President McKinley shot? (93-94)
5. Where was Teddy when the ranger presented the news that McKinley was not expected to live? (94)

Pleas enjoy these videos about Progressivism. Two authors who you are familiar with are speaking. Dr. Ron Pestritto is the author of the article you received in class today and Larry Schweikart is the author of A Patriot’s Guide to American History.

Have a great week and e-mail me if you should have any questions!!!! Mrs. G.