Today we took a whirlwind tour of events and inventions in Europe and the United States during Teddy Roosevelt’s time! It is hard to imagine that telephones, electric lights and good public sewer systems had yet to come about when Teddy was born and that the Civil War occurred when he was a young boy! The following QUIZ QUESTIONS will serve as a review of your class notes!

1. What big events occurred in Europe in 1848? (name two)
2. What were the top five inventions of the Industrial Revolution and who were the inventors?
3. What industry did Andrew Carnegie develop?
4. Name two important uses of his product!

Please read chapter four in Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt and answer the following questions using complete sentences:


President Benjamin CHAPTER 4
1. Harrison gave Teddy his first job in Washington. What was it? (55)
2. Teddy came back from a trip out West in 1887 and decided to found the Boone and Crockett Club. What did he see out West that made him want to do this? (56-59)
3. Name four important things the Boone and Crockett Club did. (59)
4. How many children did Teddy have? Name them. (59)
5. In the spring of 1895 the mayor of New York hired Teddy to do what job? (61)
6. What are some ways Teddy reduced crime in New York? (61-62)
7. How did he alert the local newspaper that he was going to fire a high ranking officer? (61)
8. In 1896 what country had ownership of Cuba? (63)
9. What job did Roosevelt get in President William McKinley’s cabinet? (63-64)
10. What islands did the US want to annex which were threatened by Japan? (64)
11. How did Teddy feel about Spanish ownership of the Philippine Islands? (64)
12. When Secretary of the Navy Long went on vacation, Teddy presented McKinley with his idea of freeing Cuba. What was it? (65)
13. How did he get Commodore George Dewey to replace Commodore William Chandler as the man to attack the Philippines? (65)
14. What happened to the battleship Maine on February 15, 1898 and what was the chain reaction that occurred as a result?
15. Teddy was given permission to raise what in the aftermath of the Maine explosion? (67)

Enjoy this video about Teddy Roosevelt’s land conservation projects! We will talk about it in class!
Have a great week! Mrs. G.