I enjoyed our last worldview class; now we jump into our 20th century history studies!
Your assignment is to read the first three chapters of Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt. Answer the following questions using complete sentences!


1. What illness afflicted Teddy as a child and what did his father do to help? (10)
2. What were some of the things Teddy had time to do as a homeschooled student? (12-13)
3. Where was the Roosevelt family in May 1869-1870? (14)
4. What was Teddy’s project during the Roosevelt’s second international trip where they stayed on a houseboat in Egypt? (20)
5. What happened during Teddy’s time at Harvard that dramatically affected his life? (23)


1. What two things did Teddy do when he graduated from Harvard? Did he follow his doctor’s orders? (26)
2. Why didn’t Teddy finish law school? (29)
3. Where did Teddy and Alice spend their summers? What was Teddy’s dream house in Oyster Bay going to be like? (33)
4. Teddy has a wild adventure out west! (34-38) What does this trip tell you about about Teddy’s character?
5. What do we learn about Alice at the end of this chapter? (38)


1. What two tragic events happened in February 1884? (40)
2. Teddy quit the New York Assembly to work for the Republican Party. Where did he go when his candidate wasn’t nominated? (41-44) What were three of his activites on this trip?
3. What was the name of Teddy’s house in Oyster Bay? (45)
4. In August of 1885, Teddy encounters an old childhood friend, Edith Carrow. What secret plan do they make? (48-49)
5. Teddy writes many books to pay for his ranch and Sagamore Hill. What does his editor predict his future career might be? (49)
6. Describe Teddy and Edith’s wedding. (52)

Are you curious about what Teddy Roosevelt looked like. Watch the following silent footage of Teddy at his famous Sagamore Hill home!