1967 Arab-Israeli War

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Hi All You Israelis!
This is your LAST homework assignment of the year! You have done a FANTASTIC JOB doing your weekly assignments and preparing for quizzes! Enjoy this documentary on the amazing Six-Day War!

Here is the video for part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

If you have any work from this semester you would like to turn in, please give it to me next week!!!! Have a great week!!!! Mrs. G 🙂



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Hi All You Israelites!
It was fun to finish the Cold War today and move onto the creation of the modern state of Israel! This week we will look at the United Nations vote that solidified the Jewish State of Israel and learn about the war that immediately followed. This is a light assignment week! If you have make-up work to get in, please finish it up!

Here is the video for page 1

Here is the video for page 2

Here is the video for pages 3 and 4

Here are your quiz questions. THIS IS YOUR LAST QUIZ!!!!!!

1. What did RESOLUTION 181 propose?
2. What was the final vote tally? (for, against, abstain)
3. When was the nation of Israel officially established?
4. What new weapon helped the Jews win the 1948 war?
5. Who did the U.N. blame for the violence?

Have fun as we dive into our study of modern day Israel! 🙂 Mrs. G.

Name That President


Hi All You Warriors!
Today we finished our Cold War Tiny Books and looked at the presidencies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt through Lyndon Johnson. We noted the major world events that happened during their tenures and also their economic policies. Next week we will complete Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. You will know a lot about Reagan after doing your homework! His story marks the end of the Cold War!

Here is the video for section 1:

Here is the video for section 2:

Here is the video for section 3:

This next video is a series of portions of seven of Reagan’s most famous speeches. I have included a question from each portion. Please write your answers after “The Wall” section on your homework paper and add another piece of paper if you need to. Stop the video between speeches to give yourself time to think and write! 🙂

1. What was Reagan’s strategy for economic recovery?
2. What are three “great things” Reagan communicated?
3. What was the result of Reagan changing our nation for the better?
4. What key principal underlies American Government?
5. What is the clear cause and effect statement Reagan makes in this speech?
6. Name three ways Reagan says we can keep patriotism alive?
7. What does Reagan mean by the term “shining city”?

Here are your quiz questions:
1. What was the name of the package of entitlement programs FDR initiated?
2. What two wars occurred during Harry Truman’s presidency?
3. What was Dwight Eisenhower’s military title.
4. What was Eisenhower’s most famous job during WWII?
5. What national emergency occurred during John Kennedy’s presidency?
6. What was the name of the economic program Lyndon Johnson began?
7. What were the two famous “first visits” Nixon made?
8. What was Gorbachev’s final act as head of the Soviet Union?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!! If you have any make up work to get in, please get it to me ASAP as I am starting to get final report cards together! Mrs. G.

Defcon 2

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Hi All You Cold Warriors,
We are right in the thick of the tension filled Cold War with our study of the McCarthy Communist “hysteria” and the Cuban Missile Crisis! Your assignment this week is to finish the last three installments of the documentary Defcon 2 and complete your Tiny Book. Enjoy!

Here are the last three parts of the Defcon 2 documentary:

Here is your video for Part 9 in your Tiny Book:

We will hear the exciting end of the story of the Cold War when we study the Presidency of Ronald Reagan!

Here are your quiz questions:

1. Who became President January 20, 1969?
2. Who was Vice President?
3. What historic trip happened in 1972?
4. Why did Leonid Breznev invite Nixon to the Kremlin?
5. What overshadowed Nixon’s peace initiative?
6. What was the HELSINKI FINAL ACT?
7. Which Pope played a major role in the freeing of Poland?

Have a great week and I look forward to next time!!!! Mrs. G.

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Hi All You Cold Warriors!!!
We plunged into the Cold War today with our look at the history of the policy of Containment. George Kennan began it all with his LONG TELEGRAM and then Harry Truman and George Marshall put words into practice with the Truman Doctrine support of Greece and Turkey and George Marshall’s Marshall Plan which sent funds to help rebuild the infrastructure of Western Europe.
I know you were devastated to miss your short in-class quiz because of Ian’s excellent report on his trip to communist Havana, Cuba. I will include the questions in this week’s quiz!

Here is your first video. I will be reading you the passages from A PATRIOT’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES in class.

Here is the video for part 5:

This video covers answers to questions on page 14:

Here is your video for part 8, pages 15-17:

Here is Truman’s speech establishing the Truman Doctrine. There will be one question on your quiz from this video.

Here are your quiz questions:

1. What was the COLD WAR?
2. Who first used the word IRON CURTAIN?
3. Why did Truman feel the Greeks needed aid? (3 reasons…more for extra credit)
4. What type of aircraft was used before 1960 to gain intelligence about Soviet weaponry?
5. Who was the pilot shot down over Russia May 1, 1960?
6. What did Kennedy make clear in his speech concerning Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba?
7. Who assassinated John Kennedy?

Have a great week and hang on as we plunge into the 21st century! Mrs. G.

Cold War!!!!!

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Hi All You Warriors!
Congratulations! You have completed our study of World War II with in depth looks at both the European and Pacific Theater! Way to go! Now we move onto what happened next…decades of tension between Russia and the United States because of Russia’s refusal to allow eastern Block countries to have free elections as outlined at the YALTA CONFERENCE February 4-11, 1945.
Your assignment this week is to watch the following videos and complete pages one through nine in your COLD WAR Tiny Book.

The Potsdam Conference occurred in a suburb of Berlin after the war ended. It’s purpose was to hammer out post-war objectives.

This video records Churchill giving his famous speech in FULTON, MISSOURI. He brilliantly outlines what has just happened in Europe and what will be happening in the future. Two of your quiz questions will come from this video.

Here is information on George Kennan, Soviet Ambassador who outlined Cold War policy in his famous LONG TELEGRAM. There are two questions on this in your Tiny Book and also a quiz question.

I will cover the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan in class. Your next video covers the questions on page five starting with “What divisions in Germany had been decided on during the Potsdam Conference?”

This video will help you answer questions on pages 7-10.

Here are your quiz questions:
1. Name five reasons Hitler lost World War II.
2. What were the two major resolves of the Casablanca Conference?
3. What major concession by Churchill and Roosevelt concerning Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria set the stage for the Cold War?
4. What were the four divisions of Germany as a whole and the city of Berlin?
5. What did Churchill say had dropped across the nations of eastern Russia?
6. What did both Winston Churchill and George Kennan say the Soviets respected?
7. What was the Long Telegram?

Have a great week and I look forward to diving into the Cold War!!! Mrs. G.


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Hi All You Russian Invaders!

We certainly had a busy day yesterday!  We finished our Winston Churchill speeches…BRAVO to all of you for EXCELLENT renditions! Then we completed our Tiny Books and Hitler timelines and went on to talk about Hitler’s massive offensive into Russia against three main cities: Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad.  We talked about HOW MANY similarities there were between Hitler’s effort and Napoleon’s effort to do THE SAME THING in 1812.  Both leaders lost most of their armies, most of their equipment and the war as well.  Hitler should have learned a little more history!

Your assignment this week is to complete your Pacific Venue Packet including the scavenger hunt at the beginning.  Here is the AMAZING video for number 36…actual footage of the Japanese surrendering to Douglas MacArthur aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay!  You will see many of the commanders we have talked about! Two of your quiz questions come from this video.

Your next four quiz questions come from this video.  Claus von Stauffenberg is also discussed in your reading.  He is a true hero…a man immersed in an immoral regime who was able to see the truth and take action.

Here are your quiz questions:

1. Where did the Japanese sign the surrender agreement for World WarII?

2. Where was the ship located?

3. Why did Claus von Stauffenberg join the Resistance?

4. What was the code name for vonStauffenberg’s attempt to kill Hitler?

5.Why did vonStauffenberg’s attempt fail?

Please read the LAST chapter in your Hitler book, SMASHING THE THIRD REICH and answer the following questions:



  1. What was Fortress Europe? (206)
  2. What was Roosevelt and Churchill’s Combined Bomber Offensive? (207)
  3. Describe Hamburg’s first man-made firestorm of July 24th and 25th. (209-210)
  4. Where did Hitler hide to avoid facing his people? (211)
  5. Who were the two military commanders at the Battle of El Alamein?  (213)
  6. Describe the battle and the outcome. (213-214)
  7. Describe the purpose of Operation Mincemeat and how it was carried out. (215-216)
  8. Was it easy for the Allies to take Italy?  WHY?  (216-217)
  9. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the commander of SHAEF?  What does SHAEF stand for? (217)

10.  What was SHAEF’S mission? (217)

11.  What was FUSAG, who commanded it and what was its purpose?  (219)

12.  Which beach was the toughest to take? (221)

13.  Why did Lt. Colonel von Stauffenberg have a change of heart about Hitler? (222-223)

14.  Describe von Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt? (224-225)

15.  How did Hitler take revenge on the plotters? (227)

16.  What was Operation Watch? (230)

17.  What famous battle ensued?  (231)

18.  Describe how the Allies liberated Dachau on April 29, 1945.  (236-237)

19.  What happened to Hitler and Eva Braun?  (238-2390

20.  What is the greatest lesson to be learned from Hitler’s life?  (241)

Here is a great account of the bombing of Nagasaki.  There will be three bonus quiz questions from this video!!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!  Mrs. G. 🙂

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